Sadgurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag

His Spiritual Mission for Divine Transformation of Humanity

Spirituality with Science

Sadgurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag’s mission is to bridge the gap between ancient Indian Spirituality and modern physical sciences. He firmly believes that unless scientists of the world investigate and research with an open mind, to know the power of Mantra, the process and effects of Kundalini awakening in human beings, they would not be able to find solutions to increasing problems before humanity.


Gurudev's Letter to Scientists

||Om Shri Gangai Nathaya Namah||

The Scientists of the world

Subject: Divine Transformation of Human Being


Western researchers of Physical Sciences are unable to understand my message to them for their limited knowledge of Vedic Psychology. They are looking at me with suspicion because for them religion has become a profession. It is unfortunate but true that throughout the world, religion is now commonly perceived as a profession. 

Spiritual Science begins from the point where physical sciences end and goes much ahead of them. It explains the working method for evolutionary development of mankind by which all problems of humanity will be solved and mankind will reach the highest evolutionary stage. 

All the scientists of physical sciences should leave their prejudices and research, with an open mind, on the philosophy explained by Maharishi Sri Aurobindo. They can not ignore this important task any longer since their limited knowledge has failed to solve the problems before the mankind. According to Indian Yoga Philosophy:

“Everything here is the projected shadow or symbolic translation of a light or a force that is behind, on another plane. This whole world is a vast symbol. Science analyzes phenomena, puts gravitation, atomic fission and fusion etc into equation, but it only sees the effect, never the real cause. The yogi sees the cause before the effect. A scientist can deduce a cause from the effect; a yogi deduces the effects from the cause. He can even deduce effects that do not yet exist from a cause that already exists, the accident that will happen tomorrow from the force of the accident that is already there, behind. The scientist manipulates effect and sometimes brings about catastrophes; the yogi manipulates the cause or rather identifies with the cause, and can change the effects, or as Sri Aurobindo puts it, ‘habits’, that we call laws.” 

Therefore, it is not impossible for a yogi to know about the earthquakes before they actually occur. 

Thousands of my disciples, during Spiritual Meditation and stage of Samadhi (Profound meditation in union with the Absolute), are able to see the events about to happen in the future and hear the words, about to be spoken with respect to those future events much before they actually happen. Physical science has not developed up to this stage till now. 

According to the experience of ancient yogis……., Agni (fire) is threefold:

  • Ordinary fire or ‘Jada Agni’
  • Electric fire or ‘Vaidyuta Agni’
  • Solar fire or ‘Saura Agni’

Science is only aware of the first and second types of these fires. The third fire remains unknown to it. 

In the supreme Mantra of Vedas, ‘Gayatri Mantra’, the yogi prays to receive this divine light (third fire) within. This divine light appeared within me in an innocent way in 1967-68. Unlike the first two fires, this divine fire does not burn but brings calmness to the Sadhaka. According to Indian Philosophy, this is known as ‘Nirgun Niraakar Siddhi’ (Attainment Of Unqualified Absolute Being). 

Mother, an associate of Sri Aurobindo, during yogic condition, sitting in Pondichery, visualized this divine light that appeared within me at Bikaner (Rajasthan) and declared:  

1968: “Powerful and prolonged infiltration of Supramental force into the body, everywhere at the same time, as though the whole body bathed in the forces that entered everywhere at the same time with a slight friction, the head down to the neck was the last receptive region.”  

1969:  “On the 1st January, 1969 at two o’clock in the morning, a consciousness descended into the earth’s atmosphere and settled there. It was a most marvelous decent, full of light, force, power, joy and peace and suffused the whole earth.

“Since the beginning of this year a ‘new consciousness’ is at work upon earth to prepare man for a ‘new creation’, the superman.

…………………………..“ All that is of the future, a future that has begun but will take some time before realising itself integrally. In the meanwhile, we are in a very special situation, extremely special, which has had no precedent. We are attending on the birth of a new world, altogether young, altogether weak - weak not in its essence, but in its external manifestation, not yet recognized, not yet felt – denied by most, but it is there, it is there endeavouring to grow and quite sure of the result. Yet the road to reach there is a new road that has never before traced, none went by that way, none did that. It is a beginning, a universal beginning; therefore, it is an adventure absolutely unexpected and unforeseeable.”

 Later, in 1984, I also attained the ‘Sagun Saakar Siddhi’ (Attainment of Positively Qualified Supreme Being). This also happened involuntarily and in an innocent manner. Sri Aurobindo explained about it: 

“Action of force under conditions”

“As for the force, I shall write some other time. I have told you that it is not always efficacious, but works under conditions like all forces, ‘it is only Supramental force that works absolutely, because it creates its own conditions’. But the force I am using is a force that has to work under the present world conditions.”

I have come out before the world to provide complete peace to the mankind using the force that is referred to as ‘Supramental force’ by Sri Aurobindo. Nothing is impossible for this power. Due to this power all human beings are getting cured of all types of incurable diseases, physical and mental, and getting rid of all types of addictions without experiencing any problem. 

According to Vedic Psychology, whole Universe is present within human body. Therefore, Biologists, Astronomers, Geologists and all other scientists can find solutions to their problems through this Yoga. Sri Aurobindo has said about it: 

“Scientists, if they remain truthful, would be the first to reach the absolute truth”. 

Therefore, Scientists will be able to predict exactly about the possible earthquakes, which is considered impossible by modern sciences today. Scientists of USA based NASA, will get unprecedented success in their endeavours through this yoga. 

It may be possible to explain the yogic cure of acquired diseases like AIDS, but it is not possible for medical science to cure congenital or hereditary ailments. This impossible looking task has also been made possible by the Indian yoga philosophy. A patient of Haemophilia, Master Hemant, has been cured through Siddha Yoga. His cure is an open challenge to physical sciences. 

Therefore, I affectionately invite world scientists with diverse faiths to come forward and explore the TRUTH.

Best wishes,

Yours truly,

(Ram Lal Siyag)

Note:  Any person or media network can make a documentary on the above subject, provided they assure me that they will not use this information for commercial purposes and use this information only for human welfare and establishment of world peace. 


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