Sadgurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag

His Spiritual Mission for Divine Transformation of Humanity

Involuntary Yogic Kriyas

The divine Mantra given by Sadgurudev Siyag to the seekers awakens their Kundalini. When Kundalini gets awakened, it starts its upward journey through "Sushumna" (one of the three main nerves which start at the base of spinal cord and again meet at the forehead). Due to pre disposition of previous lives, the way remains blocked. To clear the way the Kundalini Shakti induces yogic movements in the body of sadhaka (practitioner). Yogic movements like Asana, Bandh, Mudrayen and Pranayama start automatically, and the practitioner can not interfere in it.

The sadhaka concentrates on Sadgurudev Siyag’s image at Ajna Chakra (location between the eye brows) and keeps on repeating silently the divine mantra given by him. The awakened Kundalini directs and controls all Yogic Movements in the disciple's body. These movements occur to remove all the blockages in the upward journey of Kundalini. By removal of these blockages the practitioner gets permanent freedom from all types of addictions and total cure of all physical and mental ailments and diseases including many incurable diseases like AIDS, cancer, asthma, arthritis etc. All this is possible due to awakening of the Kundalini shakti through shaktipat initiation by Sadgurudev Siyag.

This form of Yoga where yogic movements take place involuntarily is known as Mahayoga or Siddha Yoga. Since these movements are directed and controlled by the universal mother power Kundalini, which induces only those movements which are required in the body and therefore there is no chance of any harmful effect due to its divinity.

In fact the involuntary yogic movements occur to activate only those body organs which are not fully functional and thereby eliminating all types of physical disorders forever.

The practitioner can neither start, nor control and stop these yogic Kriyas (body movements) wilfully. These Kriyas are specifically unique to each practitioner like a custom-made program. This is because the divine force “Kundalini”, that is at work here through Sadgurudev Siyag’s spiritual powers, knows exactly which specific posture the practitioner needs to undergo to rid himself of physical and mental ailments, and to progress on the spiritual path.

The yogic postures under Siddha Yoga are therefore not standardized nor are they orchestrated willfully like those in a conventional yoga school. An observer watching people meditate on Sadgurudev Siyag’s image is often astonished to notice that almost each practitioner undergoes different yogic postures. Most practitioners also experience a sense of exhilaration and joy during meditation on Sadgurudev Siyag’s image that they had never experienced before.

The awakened ‘Kundalini’ gets connected directly to the Supramental Consciousness through the ‘Sushmana’ pathway. As a result of this, every pore and cell in the human body is purified and purged of its bodily and mental afflictions, making the Yoga practitioner energized and ready for the onward spiritual journey. The outward manifestations of this cleansing process are Yogic ‘Kriyas’ or involuntary body movements that occur during Siddha Yoga meditation. Various bodily postures, movements, breathing exercises, laughing, crying etc are some of the most typical of these ‘Kriyas’. All these yogic movements stop immediately as soon as the practitioner comes out of meditative stage.

To an untrained or uninitiated observer, these may look bizarre or even alarming. But they are neither abnormal nor do they cause any bodily harm. ‘Kundalini’, being an all-knowing energy force, is aware of which body part or organ is in acute need of healing or cleansing. So, the ‘Kundalini’ makes the practitioner perform ‘Kriyas’ that are specific to his needs. With this cleansing, the practitioner is cured of all kinds of chronic and even terminal diseases such as HIV, AIDS, cancer, arthritis etc., and genetic disorders like hemophilia, mental afflictions too are completely cured and stress is completely relieved.

Also, the piercing of different consciousness centres equips the practitioner with Siddhis (powers) such as increased intuition, the ability to see unlimited past and future and perceive the existence of worlds beyond the physical one that we live in. When the ‘Kundalini’ reaches ‘Sahasrara’, the practitioner’s spiritual journey is complete as it is here that he realizes his true self. This realization releases him from the bondage of Karmas, which is the root cause of all human miseries. It is also here that the seeker realizes that he is nothing else but the Brahman, the eternal Supramental Consciousness, the state which also known as Moksha.

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