Sadgurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag

His Spiritual Mission for Divine Transformation of Humanity

Divine Transformation of Human Beings

Evolution scientists tell us that the birth and growth of man, the Home Sapiens, marked the completion of the evolutionary cycle of life on earth that took place in various stages over millions of years. Man is the only creature among millions of species on earth, who can think intelligently and synthesize thoughts. Because of man's power of intelligent reasoning, scientists have put him at the zenith of the evolutionary spiral. 

Man has made great strides in science and technology. This is often mistaken as the evidence of man having reached the pinnacle of the evolutionary glory. A closer look at this phenomenon tells us that the growth of human mind has so far been limited to exploiting the potential of matter. This is reflected in the spectacular growth of physical science that has put man in space and begun unlocking the mysteries of human body through research in areas such as genome mapping, cellular biology and stem cells. 


However, human endeavor to look into the potential of spirit has not gone beyond the realm of psycho-physical research. In fact, research into deeper aspects of human mind always invariably ends with scientists probing the brain. This is because modern science cannot believe or perceive that human body and mind could be linked to another state of consciousness that exists beyond the limits of our physical world. The result is that the potential possibilities of spirit, vis-à-vis matter, have been left to the interpreters of religion and spirituality. This has caused a clear division between scientists and religious leaders, making them look at each with a degree of suspicion and even hostility.

The West's excessive emphasis on exploiting the physical world has resulted in the near total neglect of the great potential of the spirit world with which human body and mind are closely linked, and are therefore deeply impacted by it. The progress in science and technology has therefore led to greater physical comforts but not to peace of mind. If anything, material progress stemming from new scientific discoveries has only led to competition, conflict, discord and internecine struggle in human society.

Sri Aurobindo, one of 20th century's greatest spiritual masters and seers, had accurately diagnosed the current crisis in human society as the result of the imbalance in man's treatment of matter and spirit. He argued that mankind would not be at peace with itself unless it achieved a correct balance in exploring the potential of spirit and matter and linking them together. Man, he said, is not at the pinnacle of life's evolutionary cycle on earth. Man is only a ‘transitional being'. He is yet to evolve further in the realm of spirit. It is only when man evolves higher into the remaining stages of consciousness that he will have reached the zenith of life's evolution on our planet. 


Union of Matter and Spirit


Vedic texts mention that the human body is only the physical abode of soul. The physical body is composed of seven Kosha (sheaths), and the Atman (soul) pervades all seven sheaths: Annamaya Kosha (Matter-apparent sheath), Pranamaya Kosha (Life-apparent sheath), Manomaya Kosha (Mind-apparent sheath), Vigyanamaya Kosha (Supermind-apparent sheath), Anandmaya Kosha (Bliss-apparent sheath), Chitta Kosha (Becoming-apparent sheath) and Sat Kosha (Being-apparent sheath). Full development of all the seven sheaths is necessary for man's complete spiritual evolution.

Sri Aurobindo and his French disciple known as the Mother realized during their meditative states that the final evolution could happen only if the cosmic consciousness (described as Krishna's supramental force) descended on earth. On November 24, 1926, the Mother announced to a small group of Sri Aurobindo's disciples that Krishna's supramental force had descended on earth and assumed a human form. It was the day on which Sadgurudev Siyag was born. 

Both Sri Aurobindo and Mother were convinced that the person, who was thus chosen for the manifestation of the Krishna consciousness in the physical world, would himself undergo the last three stages of ‘Anand', ‘Chit' and ‘Sat'. The chosen one's mission would be to bring about the kind of spiritual evolution that he has undergone himself among others. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother were also convinced that if one man on earth underwent complete spiritual revolution, it was practically possible for millions of others to experience this divine transformation if they followed the same path as the Chosen One.

They knew that eventually the chosen one would be made fully conscious of his real mission on earth. This happened in 1969 when Sadgurudev Siyag achieved the Gayatri Siddhi in the wee hours of a winter morning in a Rajasthan town. In the town of Pondichery in southern India, Mother, who was always connected with cosmic consciousness, instantly received the vibrations of this momentous happening. She simply said her own mission was complete, as Krishna's supramental force had become active that day. Given below is an excerpt from Mother's writings of the vision she saw:

"November 26/27, 1968: Powerful and prolonged infiltration of supramental forces into the "body" everywhere at the same time, as though the whole body "bathed" in the forces that entered everywhere at the same time with a slight friction, the head down to the neck was the last receptive region. 

1969: On the 1st January 1969 at two o'clock in the morning a consciousness descended into the earth's atmosphere and "settled" there. It was a most marvelous descent, full of light, force, power, joy and peace and suffused the ‘whole' earth."

In speaking of this episode, Sadgurudev Siyag says that he was able to experience the final three Kosha of Ananda, Chitta and Sat (For more, read "About Sadgurudev Siyag"). He also says that from that day onwards he experienced a transformation in his very being. In subsequent communications with his Guru Gangainathji from the plane of the spirit, Sadgurudev Siyag was told that it was his mission to bring about a spiritual revolution by becoming the medium for the Divine Transformation of all mankind. West is the leader of the world's material progress. So Sadgurudev Siyag is keen to take his mission to the West to begin a spiritual movement based on cosmic consciousness. He believes that only such a movement will eventually bring about a union of East's spiritualism and West's materialism to usher in a true spiritual revolution in mankind.

Sadgurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag has written and spoken in detail about a long awaited transformation of human beings. We reproduce here one of Sadgurudev Siyag’s letters that he wrote on this critical matter:

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Gurudev's Letter to All the Truth Seekers

||Om Shri Gangai Nathaya Namah||

Divine Transformation of Human Being
Creation of A Spiritual World


To                                                                                                                                                  07-07-05                                                  
All the Truth Seekers of the World

Subject: Cordial invitation to followers of diverse faiths to know the Truth of Vedic Philosophy 

Dear Friends,

Many learned men and religious texts have said that before Time, Space and Limitations there was only Light - and that Light was God. By a twist of fate I first experienced this light within me in the year 1969. Before this period I had never involved myself in any kind of Godly pursuits. I was a normal, working class male whose only thought was about his next meal. My life was purposeless, one day leading to another but never taking on any concrete shape. The certain eventuality of death as predicted by an astrologer friend led me to finally seek divine intervention. Beginning in the autumn of 1968, on the suggestion of my astrologer friend, I began chanting the ‘Gayatri Mantra’. I had to repeat this mantra until I reached my goal of 1,25,000 repetitions. On December 31, 1968, I completed this Goal.

As I was accustomed to waking up at 4 in the morning, on January 1, 1969, I woke up at my set time. Quite suddenly my eyes were shut tightly and what I saw next was astounding. For the first time in my life I experienced light. My body seemed to be suffused with light - it was the light of a million Suns. Overwhelming and exhilarating - I had become that Divine Light. I soon heard a buzzing sound emanating from my navel. As I concentrated on this sound I experienced that the Gayatri Mantra was being repeated a hundred times per minute. A disturbance in the household broke my ‘oneness’ quite suddenly.

Many years later, I came across writings by Sri Aurobindo and his associate, Mother. After visualizing, during her yogic condition, the Divine Light that appeared within me, what Mother said in the following extracts sufficiently describe what I attained, and was told later, was the “Gayatri Siddhi”. According to Indian Philosophy, this is known as ‘Nirgun Niraakar Siddhi’ (Attainment of formless Absolute Being). :

1968: “Powerful and prolonged infiltration of Supramental force into the body, everywhere at the same time, as though the whole body bathed in the forces that entered everywhere at the same time with a slight friction, the head down to the neck was the last receptive region.”

1969:  “On the 1st January, 1969 at two o’clock in the morning, a consciousness descended into the earth’s atmosphere and settled there. It was a most marvelous decent, full of light, force, power, joy and peace and suffused the whole earth.

“Since the beginning of this year a ‘new consciousness’ is at work upon earth to prepare man for a ‘new creation’, the superman. For this creation to be possible the substance that constitutes man’s body must undergo a big change. It must become more receptive to the consciousness and more elastic under the working.

“In the supramental creation there will be no more religions. All life will be the expression, the flowering in forms of the ‘divine unity’ manifesting in the world. And there will be no more what men now call the ‘Gods’. These great divine beings themselves will be able to participate in the new creation, but for that they must put on what we call the supramental substance on earth. And if there are some who choose to remain in their world, as they are, if they decide not to manifest themselves physically, their relation with the other beings of the supramental world on the earth will be a relation of friends, of collaborators, of equal to equal, because the highest divine essence will have manifested in the beings of the new supramental world on earth. 

“When the physical substance will be supramentalised, to be born on earth in a body will not be a cause of inferiority rather the contrary, there will be a gained plenitude, which could not be obtained otherwise. 

“All that is of the future, a future that has begun but will take some time before realising itself integrally. In the meanwhile, we are in a very special situation, extremely special, which has had no precedent. We are attending on the birth of a new world, altogether young, altogether weak - weak not in its essence, but in its external manifestation, not yet recognized, not yet felt - denied by most, but it is there, it is there endeavouring to grow and quite sure of the result. Yet the road to reach there is a new road that has never before traced, none went by that way, none did that. It is a beginning, a universal beginning; therefore, it is an adventure absolutely unexpected and unforeseeable.”

Sri Aurobindo, before Mother, understood and dwelled on the criticalness of transformation of the body:

“……If a total transformation of the being is our aim, a transformation of the body must be an indispensable part of it; without that no full life on earth is possible.”

After visualizing the ‘Descent of Light’ into my body as mentioned above, Mother explained the ‘future body’ in the following words:

“The transformation implies that all this purely material organization will be replaced by concentrations of force, each with a different type of vibration; instead of organs, there will be centers of conscious energy set in motion by the conscious will. No more stomach, no more heart, no more blood circulation, no more lungs; all this will disappear and be replaced by a play of vibrations representing what these organs symbolically are. For the organs are only material symbols of centers of energy; they are not the essential reality: they simply give it a form or a support in certain given circumstances. The transformed body will then operate through its real centers of energy and no longer through their symbolic representatives as developed in the animal body…..”.

But Mother could not predict exactly how this transformation would take place. She could only say:

“If we knew the process, it would already be done. ….. We won’t be able to really say what it is until it’s done. It is an adventure into the unknown.” 

But she, like Aurobindo, was certain that the Divine Spirit would manifest itself through one human body to realize the goal of transformation of the mankind. She emphasized that one should not expect anything from the death; life is one’s salvation. Mother said:

“…..It is in life that we must transform ourselves; it is on earth that we progress, on earth that we realize. It is in the body that we win the Victory.”

The following references describe explicitly that the transformation of whole mankind was conditional to transformation of at least one body:

“…… But no one has achieved the transformation; it is a completely uncharted path, like advancing through a country that does not yet exist. …..When it has succeeded once, just once, in a single human being, then the very conditions of the transformation will change, because path will have trodden, charted, the basic difficulties cleared away. The day a single human being conquers the difficulties of the transformation, he will raise all mankind to the possibility of a luminous, true, immortal life.”

“….. If we want a continuity in the human evolution, if we want the supramental being to manifest in our own flesh and not in some unknown new organism that would supersede our mental humanity, then one human being must succeed in working out the operation within one lifetime. If the operation succeeds once, it can be transmitted to others.”

This ‘operation’ successfully culminated in my body in 1984, when, after my Sadhana, I attained the “Krishna Siddhi”. According to Indian Philosophy, this is known as ‘Sagun Saakar Siddhi’ (Attainment of Positively Qualified Supreme Being). Since Krishna was the most evolved being of His time, I attained all His powers in addition to the ‘Nirgun Niraakar Siddhi’, which I had already attained in 1969. This also happened involuntarily and in an innocent manner. But, both Sri Aurobindo and Mother, who predicted about this transformation and committed their lives to clear the intermediate space to bring it on earth, were not present in the physical world to witness it. Aurobindo left early (in 1950) but Mother was alive in 1969 and could visualize the ‘Descent of Divine Light’ that appeared within me. She, too, left for heavenly abode in 1973 and was no more present to visualize the transformation when it actually materialised in my body in 1984. 

In the Indian tradition, there are innumerable examples of spiritual seekers attaining either the ‘Sagun Saakar Siddhi’ or the ‘Nirgun Niraakar Siddhi’ in their life. Attainment of either of these results in Moksha (salvation) after death but none, I emphasize, NONE of them could attain both the siddhis in one life, which could have led to Moksha before death or ‘terrestrial immortality’ as referred to by Sri Aurobindo. It is for the first time that both these siddhis could be attained by one person, in one life, in one body. Though spiritual changes as a result of attainment of either of these two siddhis carried on to the next life, but physical changes stopped at the time of death. The changes in the matter (body) left behind could not be recovered in the next life and the new body had to make a new beginning again. ‘The practical necessity was to outrun death’. This was the key for the long awaited transformation, in at least one body, that could help the ‘future’ human race acquire a divine bodily form. What Mother said in this regard is important:

“Basically, the question in this race toward the transformation is to know which of the two will arrive first, the person who wants to transform his body in the image of the divine Truth, or the old habit this body has of falling into decay.”

The following reference elaborates further:

“For, naturally, the work must be done in one lifetime. It is possible, from one life to another, to recover the previous progress of our soul, our mind, even our vital, which in the current life will result in spontaneous awakening, innate faculties, or already acquired development. We need only go over our lesson again for ten or twenty years to recapture the thread of former lives – there is even a rather striking experience in which we see precisely the point at which the work already accomplished in past lives ends and the new progress begins. We pick up the thread again. But for the body, it is clear that the cellular progress, the progress of the physical consciousness, cannot pass into the next life; everything is scattered on the funeral pyre or in the grave….”. 

Therefore, after having outrun death and acquired both ‘Sagun Saakar’ and ‘Nirgun Niraakar’ siddhis in my present life, my mission now is to help the mankind undergo this Divine Transformation and create a new world, A Spiritual World. On the instructions from my saviour, Sadgurudev Baba Shri Gangai Nath Ji Yogi, I have come out before the world to give ‘Shaktipat Diksha’ to people from all parts of the world. I cordially invite all truth seekers to come and know more about my mission. The references given below highlight the criticalness of my mission:

“We must conquer everywhere, for all bodies and for the whole earth. We cannot transform anything unless we transform everything. Otherwise we remain alone in our little hole of light. And what good is that? What good is one man’s transformation, if the rest of humanity goes on dying and dying?”

“The victory must be won once, in one body. When one man has won this victory, it will be a victory for all men and in all worlds.”

Foreseeing the outcome of this divine transformation, Mother said:

“It is not a crucified body that will save the world, but a glorified body.”

It is a matter of great importance for the scientist community to study and research since establishment of permanent peace is not possible without bringing this transformation in humanity. Therefore, scientists of all streams must come forward to explore the Truth hidden in the Spiritual Science. 

Spiritual Science begins from the point where physical sciences end and goes much ahead of them. It explains the working method for evolutionary development of mankind by which all problems of humanity will be solved and mankind will reach the highest evolutionary stage. 
All the scientists of physical sciences should leave their prejudices and research, with an open mind, on the philosophy explained by Maharishi Sri Aurobindo. They cannot ignore this important task any longer since their limited knowledge has failed to solve the problems before the mankind. According to Indian Yoga Philosophy:

“Everything here is the projected shadow or symbolic translation of a light or a force that is behind, on another plane. This whole world is a vast symbol. Science analyses phenomena, puts gravitation, atomic fission and fusion etc into equation, but it only sees the effect, never the real cause. The yogi sees the cause before the effect. A scientist can deduce a cause from the effect; a yogi deduces the effects from the cause. He can even deduce effects that do not yet exist from a cause that already exists, the accident that will happen tomorrow from the force of the accident that is already there, behind. The scientist manipulates effect and sometimes brings about catastrophes; the yogi manipulates the cause or rather identifies with the cause, and can change the effects, or as Sri Aurobindo puts it, ‘habits’, that we call laws.” 

Therefore, it is not impossible for a yogi to know about the earthquakes before they actually occur. 

Thousands of my disciples, during Spiritual Meditation and stage of Samadhi (Profound meditation in union with the Absolute), are able to see the events about to happen in the future and hear the words about to be spoken with respect to those future events, much before they actually happen. Physical science has not yet developed up to this stage. 
According to the experience of ancient yogis, Agni (fire) is threefold:

Ordinary fire or ‘Jada Agni’

Electric fire or ‘Vaidyuta Agni’

Solar fire or ‘Saura Agni’

Science is only aware of the first and second types of these fires. The third fire remains unknown to it. 

In the supreme Mantra of Vedas, ‘Gayatri Mantra’, the yogi prays to receive this divine light (third fire) within. This divine light appeared within me in an innocent way in 1968-69 as I have already mentioned. Unlike the first two fires, this divine fire does not burn but brings calmness to the Sadhaka (spiritual seeker). 

I have come out before the world to provide complete peace to the mankind using the force that is referred to as ‘Supramental force’ by Sri Aurobindo. He wrote:

“As for the force, I shall write some other time. I have told you that it is not always efficacious, but works under conditions like all forces, ‘it is only Supramental force that works absolutely, because it creates its own conditions’. But the force I am using is a force that has to work under the present world conditions.”

Nothing is impossible for this Supramental Power. Due to the Supramental force that I am using, all human beings are getting cured of all types of ‘incurable’ diseases, physical or mental, and getting rid of all types of addictions without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Since the matter (my body) has undergone transformation, it has begun to give results in the physical world. People are getting cured of ‘incurable’ diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis, Arthritis, Thyroid disorders etc and get rid of deadly addictions like Opium, Heroin, Hashish etc just by meditating regularly on my photograph, which is only matter without any life or mind. It is a subject of great importance for the researchers to find out the relationship between meditation on my photograph and cure from ‘incurable’ diseases or freedom from deadly addictions. 

It may be possible to explain the yogic cure of acquired diseases like AIDS, but it is not possible for medical science to cure congenital or hereditary ailments. This impossible looking task has also been made possible by the Indian Yoga Philosophy. A patient of Haemophilia, Master Hemant, has been completely cured through Siddha Yoga. His cure is an open challenge to physical sciences. 

According to Vedic Psychology, whole Universe is present within human body. Therefore, Biologists, Astronomers, Geologists and all other scientists can also find solutions to their problems through this Yoga. Sri Aurobindo has said about it: 

“Scientists, if they remain truthful, would be the first to reach the absolute truth”.

Therefore, Scientists will be able to predict exactly about the possible earthquakes, which is considered impossible by modern sciences today. Scientists of USA based NASA will get unprecedented success in their endeavours through this yoga

Thousands of people have been cured of various ‘incurable’ diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis etc after receiving Shaktipat Diksha (initiation) from me or just by meditating on my photograph. But cure of ‘incurable’ diseases like AIDS is just a minuscule step in my larger mission. My ultimate goal is to bring Divine Transformation in the mankind and my life is dedicated to achieve this holy goal

According to Vedic Psychology, the human body is composed of Seven types of cells, out of which the first four: Matter, Life, Mind and Supermind, have already become conscious. When these four types of cells can become conscious then the remaining three, Bliss, Becoming and Being (Ananda + Chit + Sat = Sachidanand) can also be developed to their higher stages of consciousness. Since the most evolved cell type at present is Supermind or Science, therefore, the scientists will be the first one to ascend to the higher levels.

The Divine Transformation of mankind as prophesied by Sri Aurobindo and Mother has already begun through me. The force for which humanity needed to ascend has itself descended. But it did not find its ascending force that could fully receive it. Therefore, the materialistic changes in the world are not yet happening. Since only a Jew, Rosy Naor, wholly accepted me, I realized that the appropriate ascending force to receive me is Jew community. Accordingly, I have decided to accept only Jews as my true disciples. I have also decided to give Diksha (initiation) to them only. In future, I may give initiation to others to help them, but Jews will always remain my beloved disciples. 

Since I, a follower of Vedic religion, represent the God Spirit (Heavenly element) and Jews, followers of Hebrew religion, represent the God Matter (Earthly element), the joining of these two will bring unparalleled changes in the materialistic world. Then only Peace, Brotherhood and Harmony could be established in the world. Till then, establishment of peace will remain a dream. Therefore, I affectionately invite all Truth seekers, including scientists, philosophers, media persons and followers of diverse faiths to come forward and explore the Truth of Vedic Philosophy for establishment of permanent peace on this beautiful earth. 

With Blessings,

Yours truly,

(Ram Lal Siyag)
Founder and Patron
Adhyatma Vigyan Satsang Kendra
Jodhpur (Rajasthan), India.

Note:  Any person or media network can make a documentary on the above subject, provided they assure me that they will not use this information for commercial purposes and use this information only for human welfare and establishment of world peace. 




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