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  Khechari Mudra, Drinking of Nectar, Amrit, Elixir, Divine Ambrosia (View By 828 People)

Now, that you have started to practice Guru Siyag Siddha Yoga, lets take a look at one of the very important Yogic Posture called Khechari Mudra. Please note that in this yoga all the yogic movements, postures happens spontaneously on their own accord. Only those yogic postures and movements will happen which are needed for you. So you may or may not experience Khechari Mudra. 

Only reason I am sharing details about this Yogic Posture with you is that if you experience this posture you will not be surprised and you will be better informed as to what is happening.

What is this Khechari Mudra?

In Khechari Mudra your tongue will turn upwards towards the back of the mouth. Slowly and surely it will touch the soft palate in the back of the mouth. This is what is known as Khechari Mudra in ancient Yogic texts.

What is the significance of this yoga  posture called Khechari Mudra?

Well, it is mother of all yoga postures. First of all many persons who practice Guru Siyag Siddha Yoga for healing chronic diseases like Cancer, Aids etc. experience Khechari Mudra. Reason being Khechari Mudra helps to cure any chronic condition or disease in the body in a very fast way.

During khechari Mudra tongue is turned upwards and presses against the soft palate. By doing that it activates certain glands in our brain. Once that happens certain juices are secreted in our body. In yogic texts these juices are describes as Nectar, Amrit, Elixir or Divine Ambrosia. 

Is it any wonder then, that once you start to experience Khechari Mudra, body is freed from any chronic diseases like Cancer and Aids. 

I will caution you here, if you are not experiencing Khechari Mudra during meditation it does not mean that you are not getting healed. Khechari Mudra helps for curing of diseases, but it is not necessary for doing so.

So, my dear friend, continue with your Meditation and Mental Chanting of Mantra you received, very soon you will be free of any disease. 

I wish you a very Happy, Wonderful and Healthy Life!!!


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