Sadgurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag

His Spiritual Mission for Divine Transformation of Humanity

Sadhana (Practice)

The practice of Siddha Yoga involves: meditation and chanting of a mantra given by Sadgurudev Siyag during a Diksha (initiation) program.

Sadgurudev Siyag initiates a seeker as his disciple by giving him/her a mantra — a divine word — to chant silently. Daily meditation is to be accompanied by chanting of the mantra. The mantra is to be chanted even when not meditating, preferably throughout the day. This sadhana of mantra chanting and meditation awakens Kundalini shakti lying dormant within body of sadhaka (practitioner). After getting awakened, the Kundalini shakti induces Yogic Kriyas during meditation to purify the body of the sadhaka.


Involuntary Yogic Kriyas

The divine Mantra given by Sadgurudev Siyag to the seekers awakens their Kundalini. When Kundalini gets awakened, it starts its upward journey through "Sushumna" (one of the three main nerves which start at the base of spinal cord and again meet at the forehead). Due to pre disposition of previous lives, the way remains blocked. To clear the way the Kundalini shakti induces yogic movements in the body of sadhaka (practitioner). Yogic movements like Asana, Bandh, Mudrayen and Pranayama start automatically, and the practitioner can not interfere in it. 

The sadhaka concentrates on Sadgurudev Siyag’s image at Ajna Chakra (location between the eye brows) and keeps on repeating silently the divine mantra given by him. The awakened Kundalini directs and controls all Yogic Movements in the disciple's body. These movements occur to remove all the blockages in the upward journey of Kundalini. By removal of these blockages the practitioner gets permanent freedom from all types of addictions and total cure of all physical and mental ailments and diseases including many incurable diseases like AIDS, cancer, asthma, arthritis etc. All this is possible due to awakening of the Kundalini shakti through shaktipat initiation by Sadgurudev Siyag.

This form of Yoga where yogic movements take place involuntarily is known as Mahayoga or Siddha Yoga. Since these movements are directed and controlled by the universal mother power Kundalini, which induces only those movements which are required in the body and therefore there is no chance of any harmful effect due to its divinity. 

In fact the involuntary yogic movements occur to activate only those body organs which are not fully functional and thereby eliminating all types of physical disorders for ever.

The practitioner can neither start, nor control and stop these yogic Kriyas (body movements) willfully. These Kriyas are specifically unique to each practitioner like a custom-made program. This is because the divine force “Kundalini”, that is at work here through Sadgurudev Siyag’s spiritual powers, knows exactly which specific posture the practitioner needs to undergo to rid himself of physical and mental ailments, and to progress on the spiritual path. 

The yogic postures under Siddha Yoga are therefore not standardized nor are they orchestrated willfully like those in a conventional yoga school. An observer watching people meditate on Sadgurudev Siyag’s image is often astonished to notice that almost each practitioner undergoes different yogic postures. Most practitioners also experience a sense of exhilaration and joy during meditation on Sadgurudev Siyag’s image that they had never experienced before.

The awakened ‘Kundalini’ gets connected directly to the Supramental Consciousness through the ‘Sushmana’ pathway. As a result of this, every pore and cell in the human body is purified and purged of its bodily and mental afflictions, making the Yoga practitioner energized and ready for the onward spiritual journey. The outward manifestations of this cleansing process are Yogic ‘Kriyas’ or involuntary body movements that occur during Siddha Yoga meditation. Various bodily postures, movements, breathing exercises, laughing, crying etc are some of the most typical of these ‘Kriyas’. All these yogic movements stop immediately as soon as the practitioner comes out of meditative stage. 

To an untrained or uninitiated observer, these may look bizarre or even alarming. But they are neither abnormal nor do they cause any bodily harm. ‘Kundalini’, being an all-knowing energy force, is aware of which body part or organ is in acute need of healing or cleansing. So, the ‘Kundalini’ makes the practitioner perform ‘Kriyas’ that are specific to his needs. With this cleansing, the practitioner is cured of all kinds of chronic and even terminal diseases such as HIV, AIDS, cancer, arthritis etc., and genetic disorders like hemophilia, mental afflictions too are completely cured and stress is completely relieved. 

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Change in Vritti

The Vedic scriptures acknowledge the interplay of ‘Brahman’, the formless, limitless, eternal and never-changing Supramental Consciousness on one hand and its manifestation as the consciousness in the ever-changing material world. The consciousness in the material world, which impacts all animate and inanimate objects, is made up of a combination of three ‘Gunas’ (qualities) — ‘Sattva’ (pure, intelligent and positive), ‘Rajas’ (passionate and energetic) and ‘Tamas’ (negative, dull and inert).

Sattva is the force of equilibrium. Sattva translates in quality as goodness, harmony and light. Rajas is the force of kinesis. Rajas translates in quality as struggle and effort, passion and action. Tamas is the force of conscience-less and inertia. Tamas translates in quality as negativity, falsehood and darkness. 

All humans possess these three Gunas. However, no existence is cast in the single mould of any of these three modes of the cosmic force. All the three qualities are present in everyone and everywhere. There is a constant combining and separating of the shifting relations of these qualities. They constantly struggle to influence or dominate each other. This is the reason why no person is consistently good or bad; intelligent or dull; active or lethargic. 

When ‘Satvic’ quality is dominant in a person, it propels him toward seeking greater consciousness so that he could free himself from Karmic bondage and return to the Supramental Consciousness to which he originally belongs. Domination by either ‘Rajasic’ or ‘Tamasic’ quality leads the person onto an unending cycle of pleasure and pain, and life and death. The practice of Siddha Yoga leads to the ascent of ‘Satvic’ qualities and eventual progress to Moksha, the final spiritual liberation.

Each person has certain tendencies, called Vrittis that guide his overall behavior. Tendencies are in turn influenced by the three gunas of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Each of these Gunas can be elevated or suppressed through the practice of Yoga, according to The Geeta and ‘Yoga Sutras’. Lord Krishna says in Gita that meditation can help the practitioner strengthen Sattvic or pure tendencies while suppressing Rajasic and Tamasic tendencies so that he/she can gain lasting health and true higher knowledge to achieve the stage of self-realization. 

According to Vedic scriptures, only a Siddha Guru, an empowered spiritual master, with an altruistic aim can bring about a positive change in human Gunas and Vrittis by initiating a spiritual seeker into Yoga. Since Sattva is a force of equilibrium that ushers in true wisdom, its elevation on mass scale can transform the entire mankind by eliminating conflicts and discords, and can bind the whole humanity together with peace and harmony.

This is the mission — spiritual transformation of mankind — that Sadgurudev Siyag has undertaken by promoting the practice of Siddha Yoga.

Sadgurudev Siyag has proclaimed, “I have set out alone to elevate the Sattva Guna in mankind and to destroy all its Tamsic tendencies completely. No single nation, religion, race or caste can claim a monopolistic right over me.” 

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Freedom from Ailments and Addictions

Diseases that humans suffer from are classified by modern medical science into two broad categories — physical and mental. Indian yogis however learned that beyond the physical and mental afflictions lies the spiritual disease. In other words, the spiritual Law of Karma — actions of the past resulting in diseases and other forms of suffering in present life — governs human existence, life after life in a never-ending cycle.
In his treatise ‘Yoga Sutra’, Indian sage Patanjali classified the diseases into three categories – physical (Aadhidehik), mental (Aadhibhautik) and spiritual (Aadhidaivik). 

A spiritual disease needs a spiritual remedy. Only regular practice of yoga under the guidance of a spiritual master like Sadgurudev Siyag can help the practitioner find a spiritual remedy for all his afflictions. It is only a Siddha Guru who can help a disciple to cut through the web of Karmic past, to get rid of diseases and to realize the true purpose of his life through self-realization. 

Sadgurudev Siyag has proved in a number of cases that the practical application of yoga can indeed heal and even cure chronic ailments such as arthritis and diabetes, and terminal diseases such as cancer and HIV/AIDS. Countless patients, practically given up for dead by doctors, have not only survived and regained good health but are also leading normal lives after seeking Sadgurudev Siyag’s blessings as a last resort and getting initiated into Siddha Yoga. Siddha Yoga takes over and succeeds where modern medical science reaches its final limitations in finding lasting relief or cure for a disease. 

Our body is the medium through which enlightenment can be achieved. Yogic philosophy therefore emphasizes the need for the practitioner to be completely healthy if she wants to progress on the path of spirituality. In short, to progress spiritually one needs to be completely healthy. Regular practice of Siddha Yoga does just that.

  • Siddha Yoga heals, cures or frees the body from any physical illness – AIDS, various forms of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, asthma or even genetic diseases like hemophilia. 
  • It frees the practitioner from any kind of addiction such as drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or an over dependency on any substance such as food. The practitioner is freed from the addiction without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms.
  • Corrects any mental disharmony brought on by psychological or emotional disorders.
  • Relieves stress: family, work, study etc. cause stress that lead to various kinds of illnesses such as high blood pressure, frequent headaches, skin outbreaks etc. 

Freedom from physical diseases

  • Regular practice of Siddha Yoga strengthens and fortifies the immune system. 
  • The energy force awakened by Siddha Yoga meditation acts as a protective shield of the immune system and protects it against the onslaught or recurrence of any disease. 
  • Positive effects begin to show within few days of regular meditation. 
  • The impact of Siddha Yoga is completely devotion based. The more faith and sincerity the meditation is done with the faster the disease is cured. 

Freedom from addictions

  • Practitioner does not have to make the effort to leave the substance. 
  • Siddha Yoga destroys the desire within the person to consume a particular substance. 
  • The practitioner therefore does not experience any withdrawal symptoms.
  • As the person was not forced to leave the substance he does not relapse into the habit again.
  • Quite simply, “You don’t have to give up the things, the things will give you up.”
  • Similarly, with food too, Siddha Yoga destroys the desire within the person to consume certain foods that may cause obesity or illness. An obese practitioner thus begins to lose weight without having to go on a diet.
  • Many organs of the body damaged by the intake of a substance are healed. For instance, the intake of cigarettes or alcohol damages the lungs and liver respectively. Siddha Yoga heals these organs within a short span of practice. 

Freedom from mental disorders and stress

  • Siddha Yoga corrects disharmony of the body and mind. 
  • It destroys negative energies that cause mental disorders or stress.
  • Siddha Yoga heightens the practitioner’s intuition and gives him insight about various events in life. It gives knowledge to deal with particular situations.
  • The practitioner sees the cause before the effect and is therefore not disturbed by events.

Cautions for patients

Indian Yogic Philosophy holds no disease as incurable. The Mantra given by Sadgurudev Siyag to his disciples is a Sanjeevani Mantra, which means that even a person who is on the brink of death can be freed from the disease if he chants the Mantra and meditates sincerely with complete devotion. The practitioner should chant the Mantra round-the-clock without any change in his normal routine. The practitioner must meditate at least two times a day for 10 to 15 minutes on an empty stomach.

  • During the day and also during meditation, the seeker should pray to Gurudev for freedom from his disease.
  • The seeker must avoid wearing talismans or any such objects thought to have magical powers.
  • A person who remains firmly dedicated and devoted to Gurudev returns to his normal health in a matter of days.
  • After Diksha / initiation, the practitioner should refrain from following any other Guru or chant any mantra other than the one given by Sadgurudev Siyag.
  • If the seeker is on medication, he can continue the intake of medicines until they either develop enough faith on Sadgurudev Siyag or feel dependency on medicines reducing.
  • The more the seeker meditates and chants the Mantra dedicatedly, the faster his body will be free of diseases. However, if the seeker stops meditating and chanting the mantra, the illness may resurface.
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Scientific Proofs

Medical reports of thousands of patients who have been cured of several ‘medically incurable’ ailments and got freedom from deadly addictions provide scientific proofs about effects of Siddha Yoga on human body and mind. 

Many such cases can be investigated by scientists and results can be brought before the world. 


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